We build software for a better world.
And enable others in doing so, too.

We help entrepreneurs, visionaries, game changers and innovators realize their digital ideas and focus on projects that have real impact.

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We build data based web applications and PWAs

According to our mantra "build more with less" we consistently reduce complexity in software development and fight for simplicity.

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Software projects that make a change

We build functional, solid and affordable software applications that are responsive by default and easy to maintain. To achieve not less than the very best with our work we only build and support projects that address social challenges as such identified by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) and enable others in doing so, too.

Survey Management

Often, simple forms are too limited in its functions and ways of customization. Use your personal survey application for better user experience and better results.

Online Marketplace

There is a lot of plug-and-play online marketplace solutions, but they only get you so far. Stay ahead of the competition with a custom solution!

Knowledge Management

Get a cloud-based application where your organization can store and access its processes and best practices in a managable way.


Lead and manage teams, organize events, campaigns and donations and most importantly stay in contact with your organization and your community.


Need more than off-the-shelf Saas solutions can offer? Fit your individual organizational needs with a custom project management tool!

Individual Use-Case

As we build software projects from scratch, there is hardly something we can not implement. Just tell us about your idea or problem!

A pragmatic alternative to the Rails view layer

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Likely to be the most productive technology available to build solid software

Serving our own need, we have created an Open Source technology that enables us to create maintainable, beautiful user interfaces while meeting deadlines, keeping our developers happy and making our applications way more maintainable.

We bring your digital idea to life

You already have an idea in mind? Great, let's meet for a coffee and discuss details!


Value propositions

Our software engineering process makes no compromises in order to serve you a maximum value per LOC.

Good communication

Transparency and continous information during the implementation phase are key.

Easy Integration

Connecting our software to existing or third-party software systems is a straightforward process.


Our applications scale well from the first user to a large database with lots of functionality.

Automated tests

We made it a habbit to always ship integration tests. This pays pack tenfold further down the road.


For us, data security is a first class citizen. We follow industry standards and best practices.


You get a solution that is tailor-suited to your problem and specifications, guaranteed.


We thrive for speed. Not only in runtime, but also when it comes to development cycles.

Ongoing support

After shipping the first version, we offer maintenance and assistance with open questions.

They call us pioneers, visionaries, nerds, enablers - We keep it simple and call us mates.

At Basemate we believe in the power of software to make the world a better place.
We believe in the power of people to make change through passion, technology and innovation and we also also believe in the power of open source by connecting people, sharing ideas, knowledge and resources.

This is why we work hard on making custom software development more efficient, more transparent and more affordable to make it accessible to more people and organizations than ever possible.

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Christopher Bastert

Business Development & Finance

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Jonas Jabari

Technology & Innovation

Pascal Wengerter

Pascal Wengerter

Operations & Product Development


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