Accelerating digital business creation & transformation.

We support digital service providers in rapidly delivering great software to their clients. With an eye for essential functionality, clear deadlines and transparent costs.

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We build data based
web applications and progressive web apps or enable others in doing so

According to our mantra "build more with less" we consistently reduce complexity in software development and fight for simplicity.

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How we build software

We build functional, solid and affordable software applications that are responsive by default and easy to maintain. To achieve those high standards, we stick to a proven process:

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We start supporting our partners in the very early stage of digital product creation.
From all the items on the clients wishlist, we identify those that promise both the best time to market and cost efficiency.
Having us by side in the very early stage of digital product creation saves a lot time and money.

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Using state-of-the-art web development technology, we craft solid software applications.
Serving our own need, we have created an Open Source technology, Matestack.
It enables us to be fast. Faster than our competition.

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After the first deployment, we support you with feature development, bug-fixes, hosting and software maintenance.

If requested, we also provide a stress free handover to your or your clients' team. As we only use open source technology, there's no need to worry about a potential vendor lock-in.

We create innovative open source technologies

In order to build great software as fast as possible, we developed an open source technology called matestack.
Based on solid industry proven frameworks, matestack enables us to write 50% less code on average.

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How we enable others to build software

We love to see other companies using matestack in order to build software fast and with huge developer happiness. We are here to help you!


We offer monthly support subscriptions in order to back up your development team on business critical feature implementation

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Workflow Tools

We build tools in order to speed up our and your development workflow. The matestack ecosystem is growing

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We use and provide a hosting infrastructure optimized for matestacks ecosystem and performance

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Our Values

All our actions follow clear guidelines, find them below:


We don't do mockups, we thrive in building functional software.


Because in our opinion, nothing is as important as time to market.


We won't allow overly complicated stuff to slow us - or you - down.


Honesty and proactive communication are key to us, no matter what.


We prefer progress over noise and love to dive deep on important tasks.

Mate factor

Being humble and pragmatic, we work towards a positive future.

We bring digital ideas to life

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We build on trust and cooperation

In the past, our founding team has created digital solutions for these companies:

Examples for projects we succesfully completed

Legal document API backend

We created a web application that helped a SME to spinoff a standalone company which provides users with GDPR-compliant imprint and privacy notice texts via WordPress plugins.

Internal questionnaire application

One of Germany's leading hospitals was facing loads of physical questionnaires. Thanks to our work, the doctors now have more time for their patients while still being able to do their research.

Job market and information platform

As one of our partners faced an outdated codebase, we continuously updated and improved it to make it ready for further feature development which we are now working on.

Booking system

For a big sports park in Nuremberg, we created and improved a responsive venue booking application that is running strong and handles lots of data each and every week.

Reducing complexity in software development

Curious how we can promise fast development cycles
and how we cut complexity in favor of speed?
We've written it down.

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They call us pioneers, visionaries or nerds...
We keep it simple and call us mates.

Christopher Bastert

Communication & Finance

Jonas Jabari

Technology & Innovation

Pascal Wengerter

Operations & Partner Success

We believe in the power of people to make change through passion, technology and innovation. We also also believe in the power of open source by connecting people, sharing ideas, knowledge and resources.

This is why we work hard to make custom software development more efficient, transparent and affordable in order to make it accessible to more people and organizations than ever before.

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