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basemate = Rails + Vue.js

basemate melts Rails and Vue.js down to one holistic Web App Development Framework. Escape the frontend hustle. Create solid software easily. Use basemate.

What is basemate?

basemate is a Rails Engine, turning the MVC-Framework Ruby on Rails into a Fullstack Web-Development Framework. With basemate you are able to write dynamic Web-Apps in pure Ruby. Javascript/HTML/CSS is only used for adding special, custom UI-Behaviour.

basemate is designed to write maintainable, dynamic Web-UIs on top of Rails and Vue.js with minimum effort. In order to increase development speed, basemate's architecture moves back- and frontend development closer together. In other words: basemate melts Rails and Vue.js down to one holistic Web App Development Framework.

basemate progressively replaces the classic Rails-View-Layer. You are able to use it alongside your classic views and incrementally turn your Rails-App into a dynamic, more maintainable Web-App.


basemate runs on other open source projects that we trust in. Rails, Trailblazer, HAML and Vue.js are just the most prominent examples, but there’s more under the hood.

GitHub Projects


Not sure what basemate looks and feels like? Take a look at our documentation - that happens to be a basemate app! Learn how to create basemate apps on top of Rails and Vue.js!

Getting Started

Value propositions

Our software follows some constraints in order to serve you a maximum value per LOC.

Open Source

basemate is available under the MIT licence

Good Documentation

We always try to keep things as easy and accessible as possible

Easy Integration

basemate can be smoothly integrated in existing rails projects. Refactor your views one after another


You can customize basemate using classic Rails or Vue.js. basemate doesn't limit developer's freedom


basemate apps scale from your first user to a large database with lots of functionality


basemate can be combined with classic authentications/authorization gems like Devise or Pundit

No remote dependency

basemate's components live in your applications, and they may run wherever you want them to run


Implemented correctly, basemate's technology doesn't need to hide from established frontend solutions

The basemates

For now, it's just us three. But we're glad to accept new people aboard soon!

Christopher Bastert

Innovation Master

Jonas Jabari

Tech Guru

Pascal Wengerter

Community Hero

basemate camp #1 aftermovie

Impressions from our first hackathon in Nuremberg:

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